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Safety Godmother

Writers' Workout

Three Tuesday or Wednesday evenings each month, led by
author and journalist,
Ellen Snortland

OK, you have an inner writer locked in you. What are you doing to release him/her? Talking about it? Do you have a novelist in there? Do you have a murder-mystery writer screaming to emerge? Do you have the next best selling non-fiction author trapped inside, with no apparent "how to" get the book done in sight?

Perhaps you need to make a commitment to work out your "writerly" self. Maybe you need to put some money where your mouth is. Like physical fitness, writing fitness requires strength, time and discipline. Some people can work out on their own. Most of us need support, something like "Writers' Workout," the gym for writers.

Tuition is $100 per month for the first year; $75 per month thereafter. Writing wimps need not apply. It takes courage to write! (3 month minimum commitment.)

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Here's what people are saying about Writers' Workout!

"Writer's Workout gave me the space to discover my passion for writing, the courage to embrace the raw power and vulner-ability of being a writer, and a safe space in which to birth my stories. Ellen is a powerhouse. Her tough and brilliant coaching is tempered by compassion, humor, and love for the quirky and sensitive artist."

— Mi Kim, Esq.
Co-Author, "The Paper"
Author, "Chasing Katrina"

"Ellen has given me the tools and encouragement to finally realize my dream of finishing my first novel.  Combining her natural warmth and sense of humor with her vast knowledge and personal experience,  she has created a safe, supportive environment where writers can stretch and grow.  It is a gift to have her as a mentor and a friend.  Thank you!"

— Jennifer Zoeller, Ph.D.

"Whether fiction, research, screen writing or poetry, Ellen Snortland provides a creative, challenging and safe space for writers of all types to stretch their craft.  The time in her workshop was so helpful to build confidence and find MY inspiration to tell MY stories.  The variety of fellow writers' styles and subject matter was especially encouraging."

— Jeff Taylor

"Ellen Snortland is loud, outrageous and ornery. She is also one of my best friends. She is funny, bold and a person without whom my life would have been a vast void. What more would one want from a creative coach?"

—Tom Morrisey,
Retired real estate broker

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